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Car Maker Mini Debuts in 2-Wheeled E-Mobility

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LOS ANGELES, USA – With Mini another brand of BMW Group brainstorms an innovative urban mobility concept. The company claims to present the ideal ‘last mile solution’ with the Mini Citysurfer. It wants to increase, “Flexibility for individual mobility in urban areas.” It is now introduced at Los Angeles Autoshow 2014.

Car Maker Mini Debuts in 2-Wheeled E-Mobility
The Mini Citysurfer is to close the often time-consuming gaps in transportation infrastructure of modern cities. – Photo Mini/BMW Group

According to Mini the foldable Citysurfer combines, “The agile riding properties of a kick scooter with an electric drive and expressive design features in the style of the British premium brand.” Moreover when folded the approximately 18 kilogram electric kick scooter can be easily packed in the luggage compartment of the new Mini 3-door.

Closing gaps in infrastructure of modern cities

The Citysurfer Concept is, “To close the often time-consuming gaps in transportation infrastructure of modern cities in a way which is convenient, emission-free and also lots of fun. As a light and compact single-track vehicle in the style of a kick-scooter with an auxiliary electric drive, the concept study shows attractive ways in which its users can get directly to their final destination without having to consider traffic congestion, the shortage of parking space and the timetable intervals of local public transportation.”

No production plans yet

A lithium-ion battery contained in a rain and splash proof housing powers the brushless rear hub motor. This housing is integrated in the scooter frame under the footboard. The battery of the up to 25 km/h vehicle allows to achieve an e-range of 15 to 25 kilometers.

The Citysurfer is recharging its battery during travel by means of brake energy recuperation.

“When the battery is completely discharged, the electric motor is automatically switched off. The rider can continue to travel by foot power without being limited by the rolling resistance of the motor”. Contrary to the detailed technical information BMW Group doesn’t announce if and when it is planning to produce and to launch the Mini Citysurfer and for what prices.

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