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VP’s next Production Base in Europe?

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TAICHUNG, Taiwan – Along with producing 30 million headsets per year, as well as 25 million pedals at six factories VP Components and its founder and CEO Victor Lin built a reputation. Next to the six existing VP factories he is now thinking of where his next production base could be. That could well be in Western Europe.

VP’s next Production Base in Europe?
VP operated four facilities in China, one in Vietnam and one in Taiwan. The company’s 7th could well be in the West of Europe, as CEO Victor Lin said. – Photo Bike Europe

Last week Bike Europe’s visited the company’s Taichung, Taiwan facility. Next to this plant VP has four in China and one in Vietnam. However, Victor Lin is already thinking of its 7th factory as he stated at Bike Europe’s visit: “For our next production base we are thinking of the West of Europe as well as the USA. That’s in our future planning as we want the bike industry to be better.”

Meeting the call of the European industry

With his statement Victor Lin clearly meets the call from the European bike industry for shortened lead times, and more supply chain flexibility. At last August Eurobike the operating officer of Europe’s biggest bike maker, Accell Group’s Jeroen Snijders Blok, made that call at an overcrowded meeting where he stated: “The current situation is not sustainable.”

Victor Lin’s assertion indicates that something is brewing and that next to locks & lights with Trelock also pedals, headsets as well as VP’s other products could be made in Europe in the near future.

Start in wheelsets

Whether this will go also for wheelsets remains for now the question. It was planned to take-off earlier as VP Components already announced its start in wheelsets in 2013. It didn’t start that year, nor the next. But visiting the Taichung factory of the headsets, pedals, bb-units and hubs maker, makes clear that the start in wheelsets is now imminent.

Extrusion machine

For that start a complete new factory building has been erected which is next to the other halls of the company’s Taichung facility. In there a huge alloy extrusion machine has been installed. During Bike Europe’s visit end of October, that extruder was clearly being tested and making its first trial production runs.

Company officials said production is to start in the very near future and is to focus on rims and hubs – no spokes. The rims and hubs are targeting all categories, will mainly come in alloy qualities and are focused on OEM’s.

VP Components is presenting its line-ups for MY 2016 at the Tempus hotel in the China Room on the 5th floor.

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