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Conti Started Production of E-Bike Drive System

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HANOVER, Germany – Last month at Taichung Bike Week Continental announced that production of its Conti E-Bike Drive System and deliveries to OEM’s have started. Also Conti started a corporation with IDBike for using TMM torque sensors for its e-bike system.

Conti Started Production of E-Bike Drive System
Next to production Conti also started a corporation with IDBike for using TMM torque sensors for its e-bike system. – Photo Bike Europe

The company that claims that its e-bike drive is smaller and operates more silently compared to other systems, is offering its e-bike mid-motor system in two versions; with belt drive or with a traditional chain. For both versions Conti started a cooperation with torque sensor specialist IDbike.

Torque Measuring Method

The torque sensors developed by this Dutch company use the Torque Measuring Method (TMM) to measure the pedal power applied by an e-bike or pedelec rider. Depending on the torque transferred to the chain or belt, the measured value is used to determine how much motor power should be provided. This function is indispensable when it comes to ensuring optimum interaction between pedal and motor power.

Low timing belt pretension

IDbike has tested the sensors, which were originally developed for chain drives, with the Conti (Belt) Drive System. “The sensors work with the belt drive in the same way as with a chain,” confirms Bas d’Herripon from IDbike.

The Conti Belt Drive requires only low timing belt pretension, which means that the torque sensors required for motor control can be used to optimum effect. “This is what sets the Conti Drive System apart from other drive systems comprising timing belts,” says Frank Surmann, who is responsible for the sale of bicycle drives within the Continental Corporation.


Next to e-bikes and speed pedelecs the Conti Belt Drive is suitable for conventional bicycles as it is compatible with all standard hub gear systems, and works perfectly with coaster brakes. The belt drive is available with different front and rear toothed sprockets, which makes various ratios and modifications possible. And now IDbike has confirmed that it is compatible with TMM sensors.

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