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Signs of Recovering Sales in EU’s Main Markets

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AMSTERDAM, the Netherlands – Lots of sunshine last summer and autumn as well as an improving economic situation in the North of Europe immediately pays out with growing (electric) bicycle sales in Germany and the Netherlands.

Signs of Recovering Sales in EU’s Main Markets
Dutch retail chain Bike Totaal reports an increase in turnover made with the sale of new bikes of 11,1%; IBDs in Germany report 6% growth. – Photo Bike Europe

The Dutch retail chain Bike Totaal, part of the Dynamo Retail Group, reports an increase in turnover made with the sale of new bikes of 11,1% over 2014 compared with 2013. The 93 Bike Totaal shops who are participating in a sales monitoring group saw their 2014 business including parts, accessories and cycling gear grow by a big 9.6%.

Tax incentive terminated

Favourable weather conditions as well as an improving economy were not the only reasons for the Dutch bicycle market to expand last year. As of January 1, 2015 the Dutch Government terminated a very popular tax incentive scheme for commuters who are cycling to work. This resulted in a last minute rush for new bicycles at IBD’s in fourth quarter of 2014 by people who still wanted to take advantage of this tax incentive.

German bicycle market expanding

Also for the German market, all signs are green. At Eurobike, the German industry organization ZIV already reported an increase of 4% in bicycle sales to 2.8 million units from January to June 2014. At that time the ZIV was confident that the trend would continue for the rest of the year.

German IBD trade

In a recent edition the German dealer magazine Radmarkt reported a growth in turnover of 6% in IBD trade over January to September 2014. The German IBD’s saw a very busy Q1 with an increase of 34%, but a flat Q2 and Q3 compared to 2013. Although the statistics over Q4 have not been published yet the whole forecast is positive as well.

Good autumn business

“Last autumn has been very good for the bicycle business,” said the German retailers organization VDZ in one of their latest newsletters. “Fine weather conditions in October and November generated good, very good sales levels compared to what we are used to in autumn.” The VDZ did not publish any sales figures in their newsletter.

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