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Bosch Starts Replacement Program Classic+ Line

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REUTLINGEN, Germany – In response to malfunctioning first generation Classic+ Line systems, Bosch eBike Systems has started a free replacement program for retailers.

Bosch Starts Replacement Program Classic+ Line
Bosch stipulates that the number of malfunctioning systems is very small. – Photo Bike Europe

In a statement send to retailers Bosch eBike Systems says, “The success of our Bosch products is founded on high product and service quality, as well as continuity and trust. This is why Bosch eBike Systems continuously carries out quality inspections of the drive systems of all of its products.

Disruptions can arise

“In the course of these activities, it was found that in rare cases disruptions can arise when operating our first-generation (Classic+ Line) drive systems. These disruptions manifest themselves as clicking noises or as disruptions affecting the freewheel function.”


Bosch continues, “In the case of the freewheel function, it is possible that the pawls will not engage correctly, leading to a loss of pedalling resistance. The malfunction is usually experienced by the driver as a delayed crank engagement. This phenomenon is comparable in effect to a chain rupture, a chain drop or a defective freewheel hub.”

Number of malfunctioning systems

Bosch stipulates that the number of malfunctioning systems is very small and cannot be traced back to production series. It only related to the Classic+ Line specified on e-bikes distributed on the European market.

Free replacement offered

Any customer complaining about the freewheel-related irregularities while operating the first-generation drive systems is offered a free replacement. Bosch has also extended the warranty period with respect to this replacement initiative until December 31, 2016 and will bear all associated costs.

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