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Bohle/Schwalbe Sees Positive Trends for Bike Sector

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REICHSHOF, Germany – At the start of the cycling season, the managing director of tyre manufacturer Schwalbe, Frank Bohle is quite optimistic about the future of the bicycle business. “2014 was already successful and we also see a positive trend for 2015.”

Bohle/Schwalbe Sees Positive Trends for Bike Sector
"We expect the bicycle market to continue to grow in 2015," says Bohle Group MD Frank Bohle. – Photo Bike Europe

Last year, the Bohle Group increased its turnover from 147 million euro in 2013 to 162 million euro in 2014. “The ten percent growth challenged our to-date exclusive Schwalbe plant in Indonesian Jakarta with regard to its capacities,” says Frank Bohle. “Therefore we have established a second plant in Vietnam which was put into operation at the end of 2014. We expect its production will result in significantly less bottlenecks in our supplies and a higher availability from 2016.

“Nevertheless we will continue our successful partnership with the South Korean family-owned enterprise Hung A with whom we run the Jakarta factory. Together, we have been producing our Schwalbe tyres for more than 40 years,” says Frank Bohle. “At first, tyres of the secondary brand Impac and the low-cost Active Line by Schwalbe will be produced in the new plant located near Ho Chi Minh City, in Vietnam.

“On the fast lane”

“As a means of transport, bicycles are on the fast lane,” Frank Bohle notices. “The number of cyclists is growing worldwide. “Who would have thought ten years ago that cycling would become such a mass phenomenon in New York, Paris or Seville? I am particularly pleased about the active role of the cyclists’ associations who increasingly act together, both nationally and internationally. Last year, the European Cycle Federation (ECF), for example, co-founded the World Cycling Alliance (WCA).”

Soon Schwalbe will introduce the Procure, featuring a double chamber system. “This joint development with the component manufacturer Syntace will change mountain biking,” explains Markus Hachmeyer, Chief Engineer of Schwalbe. “The outer chamber of the Procore system can be ridden safely with very low tyre pressure as the inner chamber tightly filled with high air pressure will prevent dreaded snake bites.

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