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Shimano Launches Next Generation of Steps

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OSAKA, Japan – A drive unit with full automatic shifting is one of the main innovations of Shimano’s next generation Steps e-bike group set. Other updates include a new display, faster and more versatile charging options and an additional matte black color option.

Shimano Launches Next Generation of Steps
Shimano made its e-bike components available for sportive off road riding. – Photo Shimano

The combination of the Steps drive units DU-E6001 & DU-E6010 and the new Nexus-8 Di2 compatible hubs creates possibilities for full automatic shifting. Based on cadence and speed, the Shimano Steps system automatically gives a signal to the Di2 hub to shift to the matching gear.

Smooth riding experience

The drive unit temporary reduce the chain tension while pedaling, which allows the hub to change in the correct gear. This results in a smooth riding experience where a rider does not have to worry about riding in the right gear, because the system automatically shifts to the correct gear. This feature is especially useful when a rider is not used to shifting gears or suddenly needs to stop.

Light off road version

Shimano made its e-bike components available for sportive off road riding, but not for extreme mountain bike trails. They developed dedicated firmware for the drive unit which offers more sportive riding characteristics, strengthened the battery mount for better shock absorption. It is also compatible for its 11-speed mountain bike rear derailleurs with an 11-speed chainring with chain guard and a compatible 11-speed chain for e-bikes.

New cycle computer

For the second generation Steps, Shimano designed a new display. It has a wider screen and larger font to improve readability. Beneath the screen there are two buttons to simplify operation. On/off buttons for power and lights. The content of the display is available in six different languages (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Dutch) and the display is compatible with the current cycle computer bracket.

New battery mount and charger

Shimano added two new features in relation to battery charging. A new battery mount makes it possible to charge the battery without removing the battery from the bike. Besides that, Shimano offers a new battery charger with different loading characteristics. It charges the first 80% within two hours. The total charging time remains four hours.

New Nexus-8 hubs

Shimano added various brake options to its Nexus-8 internal hub gears to complete its line-up. In addition to the already existing roller brake and V-brake options, Shimano added a coaster brake version for its Nexus-8 Di2 hub and disc brake version for both the Di2 and mechanical shifting Nexus-8 hubs. Disc brakes offer a more direct feeling while coaster brakes give a more natural brake feeling.

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