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Bike Sales Back on Track in Austria

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VIENNA, Austria – Last year bike sales in Austria turned around compared to a disappointing 2013. Due to a rainy summer Austrians bought 6.8% less bikes in 2013. Better conditions in 2014 boosted sales again with 5.1%. Also in Austria e-bikes were outperforming all other categories.

Bike Sales Back on Track in Austria
KTM, the biggest in bikes in Austria, is also benefitting from the ongoing increases in e-bike sales. – Photo Jo Beckendorff

In Austria an annual sales of new bicycles of 400,000 units is considered to be THE benchmark. Down or over this number is the difference between a bad or a good year. Looking at sales in 2014 one could say it was a reasonable year because with a total 401,300 sold bikes it was just over the mark.

Big plus in e-bike sales

The Austrian sporting goods industry association VSSÖ determined that just over 400,000 new bikes (including e-bikes) were sold in Austria in 2014. Since last year the country’s two-wheeler importers and manufacturers’ association Arge-Fahrrad – a subsidiary of Arge Zweirad – is operating under the roof of VSSÖ. This is caused by the fact that a big part of bicycle sales in Austria takes place at sporting goods retailers.

In its 2014 report VSSÖ stated that the 5.1% sales growth is thanked to, “Increases in almost each bicycle category.” However, e-bikes scored the biggest growth. This category that shows continued sales increases since 2012 recorded again a big plus in sales in 2014. Over 50,000 electric bikes were sold in Austria last year; up 16.3% compared to 2013. With that e-bikes now hold 12.5% market share in units while in turnover this stake is estimated at over 35%.

Sales by category

With 148,900 units MTBs are still the number one category in hilly Austria; 2% up on the 2013 total. Trekking bike sales dropped 3% to 61,800 units with which this category is still 2nd biggest. They are  followed by offroad bikes (mountainbike-look-a-likes) with 50,900 that had a 1.2% rise in sales.

The total number of sold e-bikes is very close to the total of the offroad category. It is said that e-bikes will not only become bigger than offroad, but will eventually also overtake the Trekking bike total and become the 2nd biggest bike category in Austria.

“When looking at e-bikes we are no more talking about a trend. It’s a stable and steady growing market segment. What we see is further ongoing technical advances. This will keep the interest up and sales rising,” said Thalinger-Lange GM Fred Schierenbeck in his role as head of Arge-Fahrrad.

More is in Bike Europe printed May edition (publication date May, 28).

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