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E-Bike Brand TDR Re-Starts

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DRACHTEN, the Netherlands – TDR Bikes – an e-bike brand which was set-up by Theo de Rooij; the former director of the Rabobank professional roadracing team – announces its re-start. This is made possible by a group of investors based in the Netherlands.

E-Bike Brand TDR Re-Starts
TDR Bikes re-starts without its founder Theo de Rooij; the former director of the Rabobank professional roadracing team, pictured here. – Photo TDR Bikes

The investors, who want to stay anonymous, acquired stocks, trademark rights and patents of Theo de Rooij Bikes BV which went bankrupt in 2014. Currently preparations are taking place for a re-start under the same company-name TDR Bikes. The re-started company is managed by Sytze van der Velde; he is well known throughout the industry from Rivel bikes and as an e-bike pioneer.


According to Sytze van der Velde technical support for dealers is currently the company’s priority. “Offering effective support for TDR Bikes with their special technology is essential for dealers. Next to that we are looking for more dealers.”

Innovative TDR Bikes garnered prizes

The creator of the TDR Bikes, Theo de Rooij, worked for years on end to develop the electric bikes before they were marketed. “These effort resulted in the fact that TDR Bikes were internationally recognized with several awards,” said Van der Velde. “In 2011, a Eurobike Gold Award was won for the most innovative e-bike product at the Friedrichshafen’ show of that year. In 2012 TDR Bikes were awarded with the Green Asian Award at the Taipei Cycle Show in Taiwan. Also in Germany and the US several design awards were won.” More at

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