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BMC’s ‘Bumper’ Bridging Hard and Softtails

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GRENCHEN, Switzerland – Not at the renowned Sea Otter Classic (as all other brands) but at the Swiss Bike Days, their “home festival” close to the head office, BMC presented the remarkable new 2016 cross-country bike Teamelite 01. This is neither a fully nor a hardtail – it’s rather a rebirth of the early softtail, created for optimal race performance.

BMC’s ‘Bumper’ Bridging Hard and Softtails
BMC’s “Micro Travel Technology” allows a maximum of 15 millimeter travel, guided by two pins. - Photo Peter Hummel

The new Teamelite 01 arose from the desire of the BMC team riders to combine the advantages of a full-suspension with a non-suspension bike. Although World Cup tracks increasingly require a full suspension bike riders still prefer a stiff, lightweight hardtail for going downhill.

‘Bumper’ between seattube and chainstays

To meet that preference BMC constructed the race hardtail Teamelite with a ‘bumper’ between seattube and chainstays. It dampens the bumps in rough terrain. And not by extra pivot points but by the ‘Selfflex’ at the chainstays.

This idea is not so new though. 20 years ago Ritchey already used a similar system in a ‘Softtail’ model. BMC calls the rebirth of this system “Micro Travel Technology – MTT”.


The MTT heart is formed by an integrated XCell-Damper. This is a high-end rubber compound available in three different stifnesses. This buffer allows a maximum of 15 millimeter travel, guided by two pins. The MTT-damping and the additional vertical frame flexibility must enable a smoother and effortless driving experience.

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