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Danish HF Christiansen Takes Over Swedish Unicykel

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RANDERS, Denmark – Denmark’s leading bike supplier HF Christiansen has announced to take-over Swedish Unicykel. With effect from August 3, ownership of Unicykel will pass over to the Danish company, which will take over the plant and manufacturing operations in Gothenburg.

Danish HF Christiansen Takes Over Swedish Unicykel
The close partnership between HF Christiansen A/S and Unicykel now evolves in the take-over of the Gothenburg based bike maker. Pictured here is the Unicykel team. Photo Unicykel

Family-owned HF Christiansen A/S (founded in 1903 and currently run by the 3rd and 4th generation) is working exclusively with the Danish IBDs and retail chains. The company makes and supplies the brands Principia, Avenue, Winther, Nishiki, Centurion, Raleigh and MBK/Motobecane as well as Johnny Loco. HF Christiansen claims that is also has a strong and growing P&A business with a wide portfolio of recognized brands.

Close partnership

For many years HF Christiansen has worked with Unicykel in Gothenburg in particular on creating bicycle programs for Nishiki which is produced by Unicykel. This close partnership now evolves in the take-over of the Gothenburg based bike maker. “With the added strength of the new owner Unicykel and Nishiki will be in a position to develop further,” says Rickard Ölander, President of Unicykel, who together with Linus Lindgren will continue to be responsible for product development and design.

Significant opportunities and synergies

“This is a logical progression for HF Christiansen. We have established a strong position in the Swedish market and on five occasions we have been named Best Supplier of the Year. With Unicykel becoming part of the HF Christiansen organization, significant opportunities and synergies will be created as they have considerably greater resources and market presence. It will enable us to work with a larger field sales organization in Sweden than we had previously,” claims Linus Lindgren, Product Manager at Unicykel and co-owner of Unicykel together with Rickard Ölander. HF Christiansen already operates on the Swedish market through its subsidiary HF Christiansen AB, which is in turn a retailer of Danish bicycle brands and accessories.

Natural extension of collaboration

“The acquisition of Unicykel is a natural extension of our collaboration, which has been in place for many years. It reflects the fact that Sweden is an extremely interesting market for us and the realization that Unicykel and HF Christiansen can together generate excellent synergy effects both in the short term and the long term in distribution, sales and product development,” says Henrik Lunn Christiansen, MD of HF Christiansen AB and Export Director at HF Christiansen.

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