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Ionized Gas Makes Cycling Wear Water Resistant

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GREENSBORO, USA – Cycling wear giant VF Corporation, known by brands like Eastpak, JanSport and The North Face, is exploring potential apparel and footwear uses for an innovative new technology that adds high performance finishes to fabrics.

Ionized Gas Makes Cycling Wear Water Resistant
The production technology to make textiles resistant to water is not only promising to outdoor wear but also for cyclists. – Photo The North Face

The new technology developed by APJeT Inc, will be trialled at VF’s Global Innovation Centres, which are testing next generation manufacturing processes.

Eliminating the use of water

The atmospheric plasma technology uses ionized gas to make textiles resistant to water, stains and other substances. This means lower level amounts of chemistry – in turn reducing negative environmental impacts, eliminating water usage, and reducing the high energy requirements needed for traditional wet finishing of textiles.

“We are obsessed with creating innovative, compelling products that exceed consumer expectations,” explains Dan Cherian, vice president of VF’s Global Innovation Centres. “Through partnering with APJeT, we believe the long-term potential to reduce our reliance on conventional manufacturing processes and advance our product innovation agenda will be greatly enhanced.”

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