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Launch of 2nd Generation Revolutionary Chainless E-Bike

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LONDON, UK – Mando Corporation recently announced the availability of its second generation chainless e-bike, the Mando Footloose IM. The new model adds significant advances such as a removable battery for easy charging; a streamlined design to provide a sleeker look; and a durable plastic-covered aluminum frame that comes in a wider choice of colours.

Launch of 2nd Generation Revolutionary Chainless E-Bike
The second generation chainless e-bike, Mando Footloose IM adds significant advances to its original cousin. - Photo Mando Corp

The Mando Footloose IM contains all the advanced capabilities of its original cousin, including the breakthrough chainless Series Hybrid Technology that powers the wheels with its internal 250 watt motor. With the Mando Footloose IM there is no mechanical connection between the cranks and rear wheel and instead they are connected by an alternator. The company further leverages its heritage in sophisticated automotive technology through its Electronic Control Unit (ECU) that monitors the bike’s condition and manages the system to optimize the bike.

Human Machine Interface

The integrated technology also includes a removable Human Machine Interface (HMI), a smartphone sized (colour) LCD computer module that mounts on the handle bars to act as the dashboard for the bike. It provides the user with power, speed, maintenance and even health/fitness information. The HMI also allows the user to select preferred modes including acceleration mode (eco, normal, sporty, health) and pedal resistance mode (soft, medium, hard).

The HMI communicates with the bike’s other systems to notify the user of changes in terrain, maintenance issues and battery level via its intuitive and bright display. In addition to being a useful source of information, once the user removes the detachable head, the bike is rendered unusable, thus providing an efficient security system as well. The new bike emphasizes practical and aesthetic touches, including cast aluminium front and rear wheels, and high-performance front and rear disc brakes.

Urban commuter vehicle

Built-in LED flashers on the back of the seat provide additional safety. The polished aluminium alloy frame is gently wrapped by a high-quality plastic covering available in a pleasing array of colour options, effectively housing all the bike’s mechanisms and cabling for a minimalist appearance. A sculpted aluminium fork at the front of the bike further accents its clean, smooth lines.

The Mando Footloose IM is an ideal urban commuter vehicle. It sports a 36-volt, 8.2Ah rechargeable lithium-ion removable battery pack that will deliver up to a 60km (37-mile) maximum range while pedalling. It has a top speed of 25 km/h. The bike weighs just over 21 kilos (47 pounds).

The Mando Footloose IM is dealer-direct distributed throughout Europe. Suggested retail price stands at € 2,690. More information at

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