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Bike Sales Growing Again in US

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PORT WASHINGTON, USA – According to market researcher NPD Group Inc. bike sales in the United States are on the up again. Sales grew 9% in value in the first quarter of the year. In particular lifestyle/leisure bikes are up big which could point to changes in the sports orientated US bike market.

Bike Sales Growing Again in US
Is the sports orientated US bike market changing as lifestyle/leisure bikes are up big? – Photo Bike Europe

That such changes are taking place was reported by the Wall Street Journal recently. The renowned newspaper said, “There is new hope for cycling. Bike makers are paying more attention to people interested in zipping to the coffee shop instead of through the Pyrenees. These riders want the health benefits that come with pedaling without ending up drenched in sweat. The most basic bikes—those without exotic parts or elaborate gears—are suddenly selling.”

Disappointing 2014

Growing bike sale in the first three months of 2015 comes after a year that saw disappointing results. According to the National Sporting Goods Association bike sales were up 3% in units last year. Complete bike sales totalled USD 2.1 billion (€ 1.9bn), down 9% compared to 2013. This drop was driven by a lower average value per sold unit of USD 267 (€ 237), down 12% compared to 2013.

Lifestyle/leisure bikes up

In the first three months of 2015 NPD Group reports that dollar sales were up 6% overall for cycling. “Specifically, bicycle sales grew 9%, with lifestyle/leisure bikes up 30% and mountain bikes up 17%, while BMX and road bikes saw declines. Bike parts and accessories grew, as did bike footwear and helmets.”

According to NPD Group’s Retail Tracking Service Trek scored the best results on its home market in Q1 as the company saw its sales in dollars increase by 31%. Specialized also scored major growth with 21% while Giant lacked behind with 9%. More at

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