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BMC Group CEO: ‘Stromer For Sale’

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GRENCHEN, Switzerland – The appointment of Erwin Steinmann as CEO of the BMC Group last year was the start of a widespread reorganization program at the Swiss ‘House of Brand’ BMC, Bergamont and Stromer. This restructuring includes the possible sale of the e-bike brand Stromer.

BMC Group CEO: ‘Stromer For Sale’
‘We are interested in a participation in Stromer but depending on the investor, it also can come to a majority takeover,’ says BMC Group CEO Erwin Steinmann in Bike Europe. – Photo Peter Hummel

“We are not looking for an investor because we ‘must’ sell,” says Erwin Steinmann in the May issue of Bike Europe which was distributed last Friday May 29. “We are interested in a participation as Andy Rihs rather wants to concentrate on his passion, the sports segment. Depending on an industrial investor, it also can come to a majority takeover.”

Disintegration process

This public announcement on the position of Stromer in the BMC Group comes after a long period of rumours on the brand’s new position within the company. Steinmann’s main task is the to implement the new strategic direction; “I had to create the necessary conditions for the disintegration process and to go back to three brands BMC, Bergamont, and Stromer.”

“The three company cultures were just too different they will have to operate separately on the market again. Today, in addition to Bergamont, also BMC writes black figures. For Stromer we have set a 5-year plan and aim to present black figures in the near future as well,” says Erwin Steinmann.

More on the future of the BMC Group in the May issue of Bike Europe.

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