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E-Bike Sales in Holland Grows with Amazing Figures

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AMSTELVEEN, the Netherlands – After a year that saw e-bike sales rising with a big 16.1% many in Holland expected a slowdown in 2015. The opposite happened. In the first four months of the year sales increased with even bigger numbers.

E-Bike Sales in Holland Grows with Amazing Figures
Prices for electric bikes are maintained at a high level; they even upped with 2.4%. - Photo Joris Telders

Is it because of speed e-bikes of which sales is accelerating? Or is it because of the starting e-MTB trend in combination with the fact that Dutch consumers are willing to spend money again as the country’s economy started growing?

Huge growth in January – April

The data of market researcher GfK Benelux doesn’t provide an answer on these questions. But what it does say about e-bike sales in the Netherlands in the first four months of 2015 in comparison to the same period in 2014 is that it grew with a big 23,5%! A total of 63,619 new e-bikes were sold at dealers in the January to April 2015 period compared to 51,510 during the same period in 2014.

Expected total 2015 sales

Last year the Dutch e-bike market saw total sales of some 225,000 units. When in the coming months sales will continue to grow with the same pace as during the first four months of the year, 2015 total sales will end at some 265,000 units. This will represent a market share of over 25%!

E-bike sales by turnover

Looking at e-bike sales by turnover, the growth rate stands even higher. At 26.5%. This means that prices for electric bikes are maintained at a high level. The average sales price per sold e-bike stood at € 2,065 in the named 2015 period. This is 2.4% higher compared to the the first four months of 2014.

More on the amazing development of the e-bike market in the Netherlands is in Bike Europe’s August – Eurobike preview – edition. Publication date is August 11. This edition will be online on August 10.

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