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EnergyTube Receives GreenTec Award 2015

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BERLIN, Germany – On May 29th, Europe’s largest environmental and economic price was presented for the 8th time at Berlin’s Tempodrom. Out of 250 entries, the jury acknowledged the universal, standardized and intelligent battery system EnergyTube with the second place in the category “production”.

EnergyTube Receives GreenTec Award 2015
EnergyTube receiving the GreenTec Award: (left to right) Rüdiger Nierescher (CEO EnergyTube Holding GmbH), Gunther Koschnick (CEO ZVEI), Johannes Dörndorfer (Head of Development) - Photo Susanne Brüsch

“We are honoured to receive this award”, said EnergyTube CEO Rüdiger Nierescher when he was handed the certificate on the traditional Green Carpet. “This recognition of EnergyTube from an environmental point of view shows that we are on the right path in combining the ever increasing need for electric energy with a more sustainable future”.

EnergyTube’s Head of Engineering, Johannes Dörndorfer, knows from his 35 year experience in electric vehicle development that, “A good innovation needs to come at the right time to become visible. Receiving the GreenTec Award means that now is the time to industrialize the idea of mobile energy – EnergyTube.”

Mobile energy wherever needed

EnergyTube is designed as a standard size energy module that can be used in all kinds of applications ranging from electric bikes, scooters and other vehicles to home and industrial appliances. One tube contains 100Wh of energy. Depending on the required energy amount, the corresponding number of tubes can easily be plugged together by means of magnetic connectors. Creating smaller or larger energy storage units this way is as simple as plug & play.

100% recyclable

Thanks to an intelligent software, each tube communicates with the whole network of tubes, protects itself from overheating and other damage and permanently optimizes its performance within the system. If a tube fails only the broken one has to be exchanged. EnergyTubes are 100% recyclable.

Today there are over 6,000 different battery designs for electric bikes. EnergyTube will fit any vehicle once established in the market and can even combine different chemistries. The consumer will not buy the battery anymore. Instead he will pay for the energy used.

Serial production

“It will take 2-3 years until EnergyTube will be ready for serial production,” Nierescher said. He further explained that the national and international committees of IEC and ISO and the German DKE are involved in making EnergyTube the worldwide standard for exchange batteries for electric two-wheelers and other LEVs.

EnergyTube Holding GmbH was founded in 2014. At its headquarter in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany, a fully automated production facility and a training centre are on the way to be established. The plan is to copy the factory set-up and franchise it in other locations worldwide.

The company’s product portfolio is based on Dörndorfer’s developments in battery innovation combined with the latest battery technology provided by the Taiwanese partner. Further the product range includes propulsion systems and public infrastructure for LEVs.

About GreenTec Award

The GreenTec Award recognized winners in 14 categories. Part of the awarded projects were presented with videos during the glamorous GreenTec Award gala in front of around 1,000 guests. Marco Voigt, Initiator of the GreenTec Awards, praised this year’s awards as the biggest and most challenging competition ever and sees the way paved for GreenTec to become the leading environmental award worldwide.

In addition to EnergyTube the bike and LEV industry was represented by the e-bike lifestyle store WhingWheels from Berlin Mitte presenting the Stromer ST2 in the GreenTec exhibition, Melon Helmets providing helmets for the tombola, and Pedelec Adventures.

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