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Ford E-bike Targeting City Commuters

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AMSTERDAM, the Netherlands – For fans of advanced alternative transportation, Ford is quickly becoming the company to watch. In press conference last week, Ford announced new e-bike prototype alongside its new Peer-2-Peer car sharing pilot program.

Ford E-bike Targeting City Commuters
The MoDe:Flex can fold down to be stored and charged in any new Ford vehicle. – Photo Ford

The stunning e-bike is the Ford MoDe:Flex, the third in the series of three e-bikes, which include the super-compact MoDe:Me and the commercial oriented MoDe:Pro. The MoDe:Flex is perhaps the most in tune with everyday bikers. In fact, at a quick glance it looks just like an average city bike.

Charging in any new Ford vehicle

Like its predecessors, the MoDe:Flex has an electric motor and battery integrated in its frame and can fold down to be stored and charged in any new Ford vehicle. However, it also features unique front and rear suspension assemblies which can be configured for road, mountain or city biking – greatly increasing its versatility.

MoDe:Link app

All three MoDe e-bikes were designed with urban commuting in mind, and as such they integrate to the rider’s smartphone via the MoDe:Link app to deliver real-time weather information, congestion warnings, turn-by-turn navigation, and public transportation schedules. Unique features also include a “no sweat” mode that increases the motor’s output based on heart rate to ensure riders get to their destination without perspiring, as well as pothole detection systems and approaching car warnings.

For now, all three e-bikes are prototypes and it is unknown when they will be ready for production.

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