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Bike Deliveries to Dealers in Germany Up Big in First Half of 2015

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FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany – This morning, at the opening press conference for Eurobike 2015, the sales figures for Germany in the first half of this year were presented. Like in 2014 also this year the German bike sector has once again had an outstanding start to the current season.

Bike Deliveries to Dealers in Germany Up Big in First Half of 2015
German industry association GM Siegfried Neuberger, ‘The industry had a good start in the first half of 2015. It makes us confident that we will again have a good year.’ – Photo Bike Europe

According to the German Industry association – Zweirad Industry Verband (ZIV) – the enthusiasm among Germans for bikes remained unbridled. Similar to last year, the mild winter and pleasant spring helped generate good sales numbers for manufacturers and suppliers.

Double digit growth

The ZIV estimates that between January and June some 2.86 million bicycles and e-bikes were sold to German consumers. This results to an increase of about 2% compared to the same period last year. However the German industry association also notes that when taking into account the increased imports domestic deliveries (which is deliveries from suppliers to dealers as well as other distribution channels) are significantly up on last year’s figures and show double digit growth.

Atypical situation

The ZIV says on the double digit growth of domestic deliveries, “This is atypical like the import situation.” Imports of complete bikes as well as e-bikes into Germany were markedly up on the previous year’s levels up to April.”

ZIV indicates that imports were up big because of the drop in value of the euro which resulted in suggested retail prices being raised by about 5% for complete bikes last May. In view of that price increase, “Market actors have stocked up on merchandise. Whereas normally 60% of imports take place in the first half of the year, estimates place this figure at just over 70% this year.”

ZIV expects that import are to drop big in the second half of this year.

E-bikes continue their climb

On e-bikes the German industry association notes that they continue their steady climb. For the whole of 2015 ZIV expects that sales will total at 520,000 units. This represents a 8.3% growth of the 480,000 that were sold in 2014. In that year e-bike sales were up a big 17%.

Furthermore ZIV’s general manager Siegfried Neuberger said, “2014 was a very successful year. It is therefore all the more pleasing that the industry has had a similar good start in 2015. Good market conditions and unstrained interest in the bicycle product make us confident that 2015 will again be a good year for the industry.”

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