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Frame Adapter for Different Mid-Motor Systems

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ZÜRICH, Switzerland – The large variety of mid-motor systems and gearboxes available on the market today makes it very difficult for OEMs to plan the right number and delivery schedule of the frames for each of the systems in its product range. Andy Muff developed a solution to customise the different gearbox cases for one and the same transmission cradle on different frames.

Frame Adapter for Different Mid-Motor Systems
The ISA integrated solution for gearboxes and mid-motors eliminates the problem of customized mounting plates. – Photo ISA

Muff’s gearbox and mid-motor case design contributes to the improvement of the supply chain flexibility as the number of different kinds of frames can be reduced drastically. Most mid-motors and gearboxes do need different frames as the mounting plate is customized to the respective gearbox case or mid-motor and is integrated in the frame.

The ISA integrated solution for gearboxes eliminates that problem. It becomes much less complex for OEMs to order the right volume of frames as the variety will be much less. On the other hand the OEMs can offer a bigger selection of bottom bracket positioned gearboxes of motors.

The frame cases will be presented at Eurobike booth A2-403.


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