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KMC’s Best Choice for Mid-Motors

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FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany – Mid-drive motors are inherently rigorous on chains. High-performance mid-motor e-bikes generate more power which puts even more stress on chains. The majority of increasingly popular speed e-bikes are equipped with these motors which transfer immense torque through the chain when shifting.

KMC’s Best Choice for Mid-Motors
KMC (stand A5-101) has developed e-bike specific, torsion resistant chains for mid-motored e-bikes. – Photo KMC

In response, KMC (stand A5-101) has developed e-bike specific, torsion resistant chains to managing these extreme drivetrain conditions – the X-eBike Series.

Stronger chain crucial

The direct force from the mid-motor to the cassette causes an enormous strain load on the chain which means a stronger and more durable chain is crucial. KMC has contended with this by combining 20% upgraded durability with the highest Pin Power on the market to ensure longer chain life and higher torsion and stress resistance for the KMC X-eBike Series Chains – X11e, X10e and X9e.

In addition, following the X series structure design, the X-eBike series achieve great shifting performance on Bosch and other e-bike drivetrain systems. X-eBike series chains are available in KMC’s EPT coating which further provides a maintenance-free experience for all e-bike enthusiasts.

By following all environment standards (RoHS, REACH, CPSIA, etc.), the EPT treatment technology improves the chain protection by completely coating all the components to form a comprehensive and durable anti-corrosion surface, and made exclusively for the most adverse environment. KMC X-eBike Series Chain in EPT models are: X11e (EPT); X10e (EPT) and X9e (EPT).

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