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Light Electric Vehicle Exhibition at Eurobike

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FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany – At this year’s Eurobike there’s again a special exhibition on Light Electric Vehicles presented by ExtraEnergy. It’s on the Gallery floor at Entrance East.

Light Electric Vehicle Exhibition at Eurobike
83 kilometres range for the Agogs Tracer Trek. - Photo Agogs

Here the winners are announced of the renowned Extra Energy test. In the City Comfort group the winner is Agogs Tracer Trek from Czech Republic.

This unique e-bike was also awarded ‘Very Good’ in the Leisure category of this 2015 test, which proof the great versatility of this long-range Pedelec. Equipped with Sony Li-Ion cells of the 630Wh capacity it makes one of the longest average range ever achieved in the Tour ride performance on a single battery – 83 kilometres.

With the milder electric assistance setup one can rely on the realistic 140+km, eliminating range anxiety feelings, well known by many e-bike users. This e-bike, along with all other tested models, can be seen during at ExtraEnergy LEV Exhibition. More at

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