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Next to Self-Driving Cars also Self-Driving E-Bikes

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BERLIN, Germany – The two-wheeled equivalent of self-driving cars was unveiled at last month’s Eurobike. A Berlin-based electromobility company, coModule, presented a prototype of a fully autonomous e-bike.

Next to Self-Driving Cars also Self-Driving E-Bikes
coModule's e-bike is fully controllable via smartphone, with users able to accelerate, turn and brake the bike by tilting their device. – Photo coModule

Based around an existing electric cargo bike, coModule’s prototype is fully controllable via smartphone, with users able to accelerate, turn and brake the bike by tilting their device – creating an interesting hybrid of mobile game and remote-controlled car.

Ability to drive completely autonomously

With only a few more additions – such as programming GPS coordinates – the bike is able to be driven completely autonomously in a closed environment. It uses the same Heinzmann electric motor which also powers the e-bike fleet of German postal company Deutsche Post, and is based on a Veleon electric cargo bike.

Kristjan Maruste, CEO of coModule, said: “We have built an autonomous bike prototype just because we can! It demonstrates the ability of our technology and helps pave the way to the future of light electric vehicles.”

Potential use

The potential use cases for autonomous e-bikes, Kristjan added, are numerous and varied: “We want to start a dialogue on how autonomous bikes could be exploited – there could be bikes for street cleaners and postal workers which follow them when they need to walk, for example, or maybe bikes to deliver food and medical equipment in the war zone.”

With the launch of the prototype, coModule is joining the likes of Baidu (the ‘Chinese Google’) and Ford, both of which are said to be working on their own autonomous e-bike technology.

About coModule

coModule is a German company headquartered in Berlin – the global innovation centre of electromobility. coModule offers a full connectivity platform: mobile and smartwatch app, hardware including GPS, GSM, Bluetooth, and a cloud-based data analytics software. The company is focused on light electric vehicles (such as e-bikes, e-scooters and e-motorcycles), which is the industry’s fastest growing market segment.

As demonstrated with the autonomous bike prototype, coModule’s technology allows for intelligent vehicles, which can gather data and transmit it to a smartphone. It also enables control of different features of the vehicle such as turning the motor and the lights on and off.

The coModule platform gives vehicle manufacturers full access to diagnostics and real-time analytics data. Remote warranty, fleet management and social networking transform the traditional bike sector value-chain into a connected platform that brings together all the different parties and offers a completely new customer interaction and service experience.

coModule was accelerated in 2014 by Startupbootcamp and its partners (Bosch, Cisco, EnBW, Here, Mercedes-Benz, Castrol and Siemens) and is supported by TU Berlin through the Climate KIC program. In addition, coModule belongs to the portfolio of leading German technology investor, High-Tech Gründerfonds. More at

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