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Supernova Presents Revolutionary M99 Lights

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FREIBURG, Germany – Supernova Design revealed the results of three years development at Eurobike 2015; the M99 headlight set. It is based on scientific research and was judged so innovative that it was financially supported by the German State.

Supernova Presents Revolutionary M99 Lights
The Supernova M99 PRO was designed for fast e-bikes up to 45 km/h. – Photo Supernova

The M99 PRO has been designed for speed e-bikes up to 45 km/h with an LED-Matrix lighting module. Its nine exactly positioned high-power LEDs can be controlled separately to illuminate the 99 facets of the high-precision tessellated mirror in a way that produces the best possible illumination for every riding situation. Supernova uses a patented cooling technology that allows the LEDs to be used with highest efficiency at maximum brightness.

Scientific studies

The result is an extremely strong beam with nearly 4-times the brightness of the brightest previous lights. It allows the rider to see so far ahead and offer such a wide field of vision that emergency braking is possible even at high speeds. Based on extensive scientific studies, the beam shape has been specially optimized to illuminate the road even when the rider leans into a turn.

The additional high beam is the first ECE 113C certified high beam of this kind and offers an amazing illumination of the road ahead and of the surroundings like the high beam of a modern car.

Fast moving cyclist

The ‘Dual Core’ signature of the daytime running light addresses a special problem e-bikes have; the relaxed posture and slow pedalling frequency of the e-bike rider. These are often interpreted as signs of a slowly moving cyclist, which can create dangerous situations. The two distinct and glaringly bright arcs of the Dual Core daytime running light (required to be switched on at all times during the day from January 2016) make it obvious that a fast vehicle approaches.

The fitting M99 Tail Light integrates brake light and licence plate illumination functions in a small housing. 5 highly efficient LEDs with Supernova’s own Dual Beam technology make the e-bike visible from afar from all sides. The M99 System will be available from November 2015.

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