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Vittoria Premiers 1st Tyre Made with Graphene

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MADONE, Italy – Finally it’s there; the world’s 1st bicycle tyre made with graphene. Two years ago Vittoria opened a new factory in Thailand focused on the use of graphene in compounds.

Vittoria Premiers 1st Tyre Made with Graphene
Vittoria’s new Corsa Speed tubeless road tyre with cotton casing and graphene added rubber compound. – Photo Bike Europe

For this world’s first tyre ‘pristine’ graphene is used; the most purest form of this wonder material in which the European Union is pouring billions of euros to further develop all the possibilities that graphene offers. For bicycle tyres there are lots of very favourable characteristics. Even to such an extent that Vittoria’s CEO Rudie Campagne says, “Graphene is the much needed breakthrough in bicycle tyres.”

Unprecedented characteristics

That breakthrough comes because of the unprecedented characteristics tyres that have the additive Graphene offer for rolling resistance, grip, and durability, as well as puncture resistance.

Vittoria presented at Eurobike the Corsa Speed tubeless road tyre that has, next to a cotton casing, a graphene added rubber compound. The effects of the graphene additive is next to weight – the Corsa Speed weighs a record-breaking 205 grams – also for higher strength, longer durability, better grip and improved rolling resistance. Vittoria brings this altogether in what the premium sport tyre specialist calls ‘Intelligent Tyre System’.

The Corsa Speed is the first of what will turn into a complete line-up of tyres made with Graphene. Earlier this year, at Taipei Cycle, Vittoria launched Graphene enhanced Qurano series of full carbon rims and wheels. More is to come.

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