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Another Automotive Major Steps in E-Bikes

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NANJING, China – After Bosch, Brose, Pon and others another automotive major has been stepping into electric bikes. The company did it low profile in 2014 and also at last August Eurobike still did not want to stand out. However at Asia Bike, the show in Nanjing, China that closed its doors last Monday, it displayed its e-bike system more openly.

Another Automotive Major Steps in E-Bikes
Background of newcomer in e-bike systems Fendt E-Motoren is in manufacturing agricultural equipment like tractors. – Photo Bike Europe

The company is not a car manufacturer nor a supplier of automotive components. In fact its background is in manufacturing agricultural equipment like tractors. The company is part of a conglomerate called AGCO which is a global leader in agricultural equipment. This listed company had net sales of close to 10 billion US dollar in 2014. It subsidiary Fendt starts now with e-bike systems.

Two systems by Fendt E-Motoren

Fendt E-Motoren GmbH based in Marktoberdorf, Germany is the newcomer in systems for regular electric bikes as well as for e-MTBs. The two systems – named Sportline and Powerline – come with mid-motors which are neatly frame-integrated. The Sportline system and mid-motor offers for electric city and commuter bikes 60Nm power. The company’s Powerline offers 85Nm of torque which comes from a 250Watt motor. The Powerline is targeted to eMTBs.


The complete Fendt system including MCU, battery and display is lighter compared to other systems, claims Fendt E-Motoren. Next to the fact that Fendt E-Motoren aims to stand out from other e-bike system suppliers with OEM customization possibilities, also price wise the company want to do better compared to its competitors.

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