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New Location Found for MIFA

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SANGERHAUSEN, Germany – In a special session the Sangerhausen city council paved the way for the relocation of bike maker MIFA within the same community were MIFA has been based for over a century.

New Location Found for MIFA
MIFA owner Heinrich von Nathusius intends to invest 12 million euro in the new factory. – Photo Bike Europe

The Sangerhausen city council adopted the industrial development plan for a site south of highway A38 between the city centre and the Oberröblingen district. Thanks to this decision MIFA can roll out its expansion plan for the new factory. At the city council meeting mayor Ralf Poschmann explained to have found a solution for the special hamsters, proclaimed as protected species living in that area.

MIFA’s preferred location

MIFA owner Heinrich von Nathusius has always declared Sangerhausen as the preferred location over other cities for his new bicycle factory. Following the council’s decision, the ground breaking ceremony is expected to take place and the end of this year of early next year.

12 million euro investment

Employing over 500 people seasonally, MIFA was too important to lose for Sangerhausen. Over the past months nearby communities and even regional authorities tried to convince Heinrich von Nathusius to relocate MIFA outside Sangerhausen. For costs reason and because the current location leaves no space for expansion Von Nathusius wants to give up the existing plant in the city centre of Sangerhausen. Von Nathusius expects to invest around € 12 million in the new factory.

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