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Rehau Premieres at Taichung Bike Week

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TAICHUNG, Taiwan – “Who has the guts for Rehau,” questioned Daniel Quauck, Commercial Analyst of Rehau AG at the open air ExtraEnergy presentation in Taichung during the industry gathering last week.

Rehau Premieres at Taichung Bike Week
Rehau at the ExtraEnergy open air presentation at Taichung Bike Week. – Photo Bike Europe

For Rehau Taichung Bike Week, which took place in Taiwan from October 20 – 23, was a good opportunity to present its concept to the industry after its first introduction at Eurobike last August. “We are showing a second prototype to give people a better idea about the opportunities of our production technology,” said Daniel Quauck.

Production technology

Though visitors on the show floor questioned the design of the prototypes shown by Rehau, Daniel Quauck pointed out it is not about the product, but about the production technology. “When talking to OEMs about Rehau, the best example of what we can offer them is the transition of the car bumper in past decades. In the seventies it was still a T-shaped steel frame fitted on each car. It evolved into a style element which is completely integrated in car without losing its functionality. This is the result of a close cooperation between the car industry, designers and Rehau. That’s what we have got to offer to the bicycle industry. The question is only: who has the guts to step in and start to work with us on an all new idea using modern materials and new production technologies on the development of the bicycle of the future?” said Rehau’s Daniel Quauck.

Another e-bike frame prototype

To present decision makers an even better idea on what’s Rehau has to offer another e-bike frame prototype will be developed before the end of 2015.

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