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Selle Italia’s NET Saddles Make the Difference

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CASELLA d’ASOLO, Italy – Selle Italia wanted its new product to be different; to use a new manufacturing technology, new materials but at the same time be lighter, more comfortable, more durable, and even more sustainable. That’s how NET was born.

Selle Italia’s NET Saddles Make the Difference
Selle Italia NET saddles are completely different to any other premium saddle currently available. – Photo Selle Italia

Selle Italia’s NET saddles use an innovative technology (various worldwide patents). They are made with a honeycomb shell which is engineered with a “self-adaptive” polymer that allows various riding styles thanks to an independent movement of the Ischial bones.

Greater cushioning

The padding is made from EVA foam that archives greater cushioning, thanks to its high elasticity and durability properties. Furthermore it’s 100% waterproof, odourless and very hygienic as it operates a bactericidal and germicidal function.

The Mesh cover is developed in order to offer the maximum ventilation and breathability. The Mesh archives the highest level of flexibility and softness and is resistance to UV radiation and abrasion. The saddle structure is incredibly light, bringing the total weight of the saddle below 360g (35-40% lighter than traditional saddles).

100% made in Italy

Selle Italia’s NET saddle is slotted together without using any banding materials, or other toxic equivalents, all thanks to a new robotized process. The NET saddle is not only 100% recyclable. The whole production is 100% made in Italy.

The high resistant MESH fibres are virtually indestructible and much more resistant to UV Radiation, abrasion and wear, compared to traditional saddle covers. It’s 50% stronger than any vacuum gel saddle referring to puncture or rupture damages. Its construction method makes the NET saddles resistant to the most rough city or off-road use, but retains its cushioning and elastic properties. The special Mesh overlay is printable and can be easy to customize. Selle Italia starts full scale production early October.

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