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The Graphene Revolution in Tyres Arrived at Vittoria

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COMO, Italy – It took longer than expected; some three years. But now it’s there. Today Vittoria presented its new line-up of road, MTB and e-MTB tyres that thanks to the wonder-material Graphene offer unprecedented characteristics.

The Graphene Revolution in Tyres Arrived at Vittoria
Vittoria presents its ‘Intelligent Tyre System’. The Graphene added compounds become harder and softer depending on the needs of the rider. – Photo Bike Europe

In January 2013 Vittoria celebrated the opening of a special compound factory in Thailand purposely built for mixing graphene into its compounds. Getting that right proved more difficult than expected. In particular to have the graphene to integrate into the compounds in such a way that it does what Graphene is supposed to do. And that is to bond with the rubber compounds for creating tyres that outperform all others.

Graphene compound

G+ Isotech is Vittoria’s unique Graphene compound with revolutionary G+ Graphene which is provided by Vittoria’s technology partner and Graphene provider Directa Plus. This compound is superior in speed, grip, durability and wear resistance.

‘Intelligent Tyre System’

Vittoria said today at the presentation it held together with Directa Plus, “With the application of Graphene in our tyres and wheels we have truly developed revolutionary products. Therefore we have created a new product range called ‘Intelligent Tyre System’ (IT’S). Vittoria tyres are now intelligent. IT’S compounds become harder and softer depending on the needs of the rider. If the tyre is rolling straight the rubber is at its hardest and offers low rolling resistance. If the rider breaks, accelerates or corners, the compounds soften and offer significantly more grip.”

New line-ups

Vittoria’s Corsa Speed has been independently tested in comparison to the same tyre without Graphene. The one with the wonder-material offered 40% less rolling resistance.

Vittoria’s new tyre line-ups with Graphene include the Corsa range; the Rubino range; its MTB ranges and the e-bike tyre range as well as the company’s full carbon wheels. They show a superior behaviour in heat dissipation as well as much greater strength at reduced weight.

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