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Bike Sales in Belgium Grows 8%

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BRUSSELS, Belgium – Last year a total of 436,549 new bicycles were sold in Belgium through IBDs; up 30,000 (+7.5%) compared to 2013. This is concluded by a study at Belgian bike dealers commissioned by the organizer of the Velofollies bike show.

Bike Sales in Belgium Grows 8%

For the Velofollies study a total of 1,574 bicycle dealers were surveyed. Close to half of them said they sold more bikes in 2014 compared to 2013. Almost one third of the surveyed dealers claimed that their sales remained at the same level as the year before, while 23% reported a drop in sales. Based on these assumptions the total bike sales through the specialized distribution channel in Belgium was calculated at 436,549 units in 2014; 30,457 more than in the year before.

Sales at mass merchandisers

Bike sales at mass merchandisers such as Decathlon or supermarkets, as well as sales by companies to their employees, are not included in the 436,000 total. It is assumed that 70% of all bikes sold are distributed through independent bicycle dealers. Including the 30% sold through mass merchandisers the overall 2014 Belgian bike market would take up a volume of 567,000 units, according to the Velofollies study.

E-bike shows great sales results

The study also indicates that the e-bike in particular is showing great sales results. The market share of electric bicycles sold in Belgium increased to 23% last year. City bikes take up a market share of about 25%. Some 90% of all Belgium IBDs have included e-bikes in their product range. The average retail price in this product category is €2,050. The majority (56.1%) of all e-bikes sold are priced between €2,000 and €2,499. As with other markets, the e-bike is particularly popular among women. Some 66.5% of all e-bikes are sold to female cyclists.

Road race still leading

In this cycling crazy country that hosts the Tour of Flanders and other famous classic races, the road race bike is still extremely popular among sports cyclists. In a consumer survey among 45,000 people some 83.3% were found to own a road race bike. With a 63.4% share of ownership the MTB is also very popular. In the both road race as well as the MTB category, only five brands generate more than 50% of the market.

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