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E-Bikes Claim Ever Increasing Share of Dutch Market

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AMSTELVEEN, The Netherlands – Again and again it surprises even the insiders of the Dutch market; how the sale of electric bikes keeps progressing in a marketplace where for years already e-bikes are THE number one trend. Contrary to expectations there’s no question what so ever of saturation. In September sales again upped 12% resulting in an unprecedented high average sales price for bicycles.

E-Bikes Claim Ever Increasing Share of Dutch Market
Thanks to double digit e-bike sales growth average sales price for bicycles is breaking all records. It stands now at 1,200 euro. – Photo Bike Europe

The Dutch e-bike market is this year again heading for an new sales record and double-digit growth. In 2014 that growth stood an 16.2% to a total of 223,000 sold electric bikes. Will the quarter of a million mark be broken in 2015?

2015: difficult year in Holland

That e-bikes are able to continue their march is even more surprising given the fact that the Dutch market in itself is having a difficult year. According to market researcher GfK Benelux in September for instance city bike sales (in units and in turnover) in Holland dropped hard; with a big 14%. Also sales in Tour/Trekking declined with 8% in units and 3% in turnover. Sportshybrids/Roadrace sales dropped with 6% but showed a 15% turnover plus. Meanwhile MTB’s were in demand and in particular 29-ers. This segment showed a 10% growth in unit-sale and in turnover.

Average sales price breaking all records

That the Dutch market is having a difficult year has to do with the fact that a fiscal incentive system for buying new bikes has been stopped per January 1, 2015. E-bikes sales is not hampered by that. As said sales upped 12% in September while turnover growth stood at 13%. This is contributing greatly to an average sales price that is breaking all records. Probably not only in the Netherlands but all over the world. Average sale price for a bike in Holland stood at 1,200 euro in September. In 2014 that price was € 974.

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