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2014 Global Cycling Market Valued at € 35.7 Billion

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PARIS, France – A recent survey on the global cycling market by the Paris based NPD Group, a provider of consumer and retail market research information for a wide range of industries, revealed the € 35.7 billion size (USD 47.4 billion) of the 2014 worldwide bike market at retail level, after VAT.

2014 Global Cycling Market Valued at € 35.7 Billion
NPD survey estimates that, around the world, 133.1 million bicycles (including e-bikes) were sold last year. – Photo Bike Europe

The scope of the NPD market research covers bicycles of all categories, including e-bikes as well as kid bikes. Also P&A sales, footwear and cycling apparel is included in the close to € 36 billion value at retail after VAT. Exchange rate USD/€ for the study is 1.33 USD for 1 euro.

133 million bikes sold

The survey estimates that, around the world, 133.1 million bicycles (including e-bikes) were sold last year. The total value of that sale at retail level stood, according to the survey, at € 25.4 billion. Average sales price per bike was calculated at € 191. Sales of P&A as well as repair and rental services are valued at € 10.3 billion. Apparel and footwear sales value stood at € 2.2 billion. according to NPD.

Trends compared to 2013

According to the NPD study the bike market in 2014 increased by +1.8% in value compared to 2013 which was estimated at a total value of € 35.1 billion. Europe (including Russia) is not only setting the trends but is also the world’s biggest market. In 2014 all cycling sales in Europe is estimated to account for a total value of € 12.8 billion which is 36% of the estimated value of the global cycling market.

Biggest category in sport market

The NPD data further notes that bikes, as well as the related parts and accessories including apparel and footwear, holds a 12.5% share of the global sports market. With that the global population devoted 12.5% of all expenses on sport towards bikes and the related parts and accessories in 2014. Including the sale of bicycles for day-to-day transportation this makes cycling the biggest single category in the worldwide sport market. The sport market was valued at € 285 billion by the NPD Group in 2014.

Survey for 13 major segments

Next to a breakdown in bikes and P&A sales per country, NPD’s global cycling market survey quantifies the bike market at retail level in 13 major segments. This includes sales by bike categories (electric bikes, city/mobility bikes excluding e-bikes, mountain bikes/all terrain bikes and kids bikes) as well as by repair services, rental services, components, bags/racks/ Carriers, baby seats, locks, pumps, lights, cycling electronics and helmets.

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