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Continental Launches e-Cargo Bikes Dedicated Belt Drive

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HANNOVER, Germany – To improve the everyday suitability of electrically powered cargo bikes in particular, Continental developed the CDS cargo product line. This product line is made up of an aluminum/stainless steel 12 millimetre sprocket and a carbon belt.

Continental Launches e-Cargo Bikes Dedicated Belt Drive
Continental’s CDS cargo product line is highly suitable for high loads. – Photo Continental

The combination of the sprocket and the belt makes it highly suitable for high loads. According to Continental the “easy and maintenance-free handling and higher service life contribute to better everyday suitability, and thus to an upgrading of cargo bicycles.”

CDS cargo product range

The new CDS cargo product range features carbon belts for special kinds of application. Unlike the 8 millimetre belt in the premium and eco range, the new cargo line features belt sprockets 12 mm in width made of aluminum/stainless steel, complemented by a 12 mm carbon belt. This product line is aimed in particular at special types of applications such as e-cargo bikes, in which particularly high loads act on the belt drive.

The belt’s wider sprockets and carbon belt result in a much higher upper load limit, and are designed for a maximum gross vehicle weight of 290 kg. An initial sample application for CDS cargo is the e-cargo bike from Hercules.

8mm carbon belt for high torque motors

In addition to the new CDS cargo product line, a carbon belt 8 mm in width is being added to CDS premium. Since CDS premium already offers numerous possible uses for all conventional hub gear shifts, e-bike drives, and transmissions, the 8 mm carbon belt constitutes an additional alternative for bicycle manufacturers. This carbon belt is used in particular for specifications with increased force transmission or bicycle designs with a high load potential like e-MTBs.

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