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ZEG Steps into E-Bike Tourist Business with Travelbike

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COLOGNE, Germany – Europe’s bicycle buyers powerhouse Zweirad-Einkaufs-Genossenschaft eG – better known as ZEG – is stepping through its wholly owned subsidiary Eurorad Deutschland GmbH into the tourist business. Under the brand name Travelbike ZEG claims to create, “The largest rental network for e-bikes.”

ZEG Steps into E-Bike Tourist Business with Travelbike
ZEG’s Travelbike starts in Germany and Austria around Easter this year. – Photo ZEG

Travelbike starts in Germany and Austria around Easter this year. The company is to bring ultra-modern e-bikes to tourists and their destinations in the two countries.

Full rental packages

According to ZEG Travelbike will offer a full package that next to e-bikes includes a full insurance coverage, a booking and rental portal as well as a wide-reaching marketing package. “Travelbike is the solution for the constantly growing need of sustainable tourism. We offer the first complete e-bike rental concept for the tourist sector. With our products, our service and marketing we offer quality, security and reliability for both renter and tenants,” states ZEG marketing manager Franz Tepe.

Bulls and Zemo branded e-bikes

Travelbike will offer top-quality e-bikes under ZEG’s own brand names Bulls and Zemo. All of them will be equipped with the Bosch e-bike drive system. ”670 qualified and certificated ZEG partners are available for service and maintenance for having the optimum in reliability of these e-bikes,” is noted by ZEG. A completely revamped insurance package covers wear and tear, robbery and even any damage from improper use – “without limits.”

Cooperation with KTM

In Austria Travelbike will cooperate with market leader KTM Fahrrad GmbH. The central hub for the new e-bike rental concepts for consumers is the online portals for Germany and for Austria.

According to ZEG with Travelbike they are targeting, “Regional tourist associations, travel agencies, hotels, ports and marinas.” All of them can become partners of this large e-bike rental network – and increase their overall offer with a top-quality e-bike fleet, ”Without buying them.”

From comfortable to sportive – the current variety in e-bike models each region and target group can be addressed. More information is available at

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