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Bulgarian Export Still Grows, Romania Stabilizes

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SOFIA, Bulgaria – Bulgaria and Romania combined are among the most important bicycle suppliers for European countries. Together they exported 1,287 million units in 2014, most of them to Germany, France, and Belgium. At the same time domestic markets are growing in both quality and numbers.

Bulgarian Export Still Grows, Romania Stabilizes

Bulgaria continued the upward trend in bicycle exports last year. It increased by just over 21% from 2013 to 2014 to more than 800,000 units per year. The total value of the exports also expanded to over €108 million. Over 43% of the business came from Germany, by far the most important partner of the Bulgarian bicycle industry.

There are just a handful of manufacturers in the country. Most of them source the unpainted frames from Asia and they do the complete job from painting to final assembly in their large capacity facilities. On average they export around 80-85% or even more of their production. Due to demand of their main export partners and the domestic market, the quality of the bicycle is improving.

Bulgaria Bicycle Export

Year                         2014                    2013
Quantity (units)   818,758               676,064
Value (€)                108,602,015       82,405,694
Average value (€) 132.64                  121.89

Bulgaria Export Partners in 2014

Country          Units          Value (€)
Germany         272,809      46.740.669
France             141,502      12.617.105
Belgium          69,598        12.010.860

Though the main part of the domestic market is supplied by Bulgarian factories, the import of foreign A-brands also increased – from 30,000 units in 2013 to 36,500 in 2014. MTB is still the largest category, since people can use them for both sport and commuting. However the ongoing cycling commuting initiatives and the development of the cycling infrastructure in the cities also contributes to an increasing demand for city bikes. While the country is one of the biggest suppliers of bicycles, cycling participation is the lowest in Europe.

Romanian export value up

The market development for Romanian bicycle manufacturers was not in line with the positive trend in Bulgaria. The country’s bicycles export shrunk for the second year in a row to 468,496 units in 2014.

Still the value of the total exports increased from close to €49 million in 2013 of over €56 million in 2014. With almost 185 thousand units, France is the biggest export partner. Germany is second. On the other hand imports went up from 86,651 units in 2013 to 96,407 units in 2014, with no significant change in average price. The majority of the imported bikes come from Hungary (42,914 units).

We have to note that Eurostat statistics also show that the total import value from Taiwan is just €413,435 or about €25 per unit, either a mistake in data or some other abnormality.

Romania Bicycle Export

Year                                     2014             2013
Quantity (units)                468,496       480,902
Value (€)                            56,372,225   48,803,974
Average value (€)              117.22           104.17

Romania Export Partners in 2014

Country                      Units             Value (€)
France                        184,414         18,956,525
Germany                    87,560          10,202,442
Belgium                     49,572           4,908,757

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