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Bickerton Portables Launches New Sterling

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HAWKHURST, UK – 45 years after the inception of the original Bickerton Portable Bicycle, the Sterling is launched with the expectation that it will become one of the best folding bike frames that has ever been brought to market.

Bickerton Portables Launches New Sterling
The new Bickerton Sterling Frame pays homage to the rectangular frame and hinge abutments, but adds 21st century technology. – Photo Bickerton

It should come as no great surprise that the world’s oldest folding bike brand has returned to its first principles and combined this with newest technology available. The new Bickerton Sterling Frame, inspired by Harry Bickerton’s original 1971 design, pays homage to the rectangular frame and hinge abutments, but adds modern design, materials and technology to make a super-strong and stiff frame; so strong that it more than doubles the requirement for the ISO test.

‘Vantage geometry’

The result is a rock solid ride, with an easy, quick fold. Combined with ergonomically curved handlebars and brand new ‘Vantage geometry’, the bike delivers an outstanding ride, with an upright and comfortable riding position.

As Mark Bickerton explains: “The elegant hinge assembly has a low profile design. For strength and a long life span, it uses integrated bearings and stainless steel pivot pins giving smooth folding and easy serviceability. The lightweight interlocking 3 dimensional structure of the hinge abutment prevents torsional movement better than any other folding bike hinge. With a secondary safety lock and a high-leverage latch, it is easy to open and close, and because the lever lies flat against the frame when folded it is very neat and the whole mechanism is well protected during riding and transport.”

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