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Michelin Boosts Performances of Its Road Race Tyres

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LADOUX, France – The opening last October of the first stage of the new Michelin Technology Centre near the city of Clermont Ferrand marks the company’s modernisation project. It was also the location where the bicycle division presented its new Power road range last Tuesday.

Michelin Boosts Performances of Its Road Race Tyres
“It was our aim to develop the most straightforward range possible,” said Karl De Quick at the presentation of the Power range. – Photo Bike Europe

As part of their development strategy, Michelin’s Technology Centre engineers took a broad spectrum of variables into account. “New materials are now constantly pushing back technical boundaries. This is particularly true when it comes to braking, where the interaction between the disc brake and the tyre calls for an all new approach in terms of grip,” said Karl De Quick, general manager of Michelin’s bicycle division. “It was our aim to develop the most straightforward range possible without putting excessive emphasis on versatility while each tyre in our new Power range promises gains in performance.”

25% less rolling resistance

The new Power range comes in four different tyres as successors of the Pro4. The Power Competition which offers an efficiency gain of 10 watts and a 25 percent reduction in rolling resistance, the Power Endurance which gains 8.6 watts in efficiency and 20% in strength, while the Power All Season offers and efficiency gain of 5 watts and a 15% improvement in grip.

The 4th tyre, the Power Protection+ has been developed exclusively for the North American market. “The tests carried out by the independent Finnish institute ‘Wheel Energy’ have confirmed the results revealed by our own in-house testing,” emphasis De Quick.

Production in Asia

Though all Michelin’s bicycle tyres are made in Thailand and Taiwan, R&D as well as product testing is done in France. “The bicycle tyres represents only a small part of Michelin,” said Karl de Quick at the presentation of the new road race tyre range. “But we can take full advantage of the extensive research and development expertise in other product categories. That’s an important advantage of being part of a big company.” In 2015 Michelin overall generated a net sales of 1.16 billion euro, an increase of 12.8% compared with 2014. The company doesn’t disclose the turn-over in bicycle tyres.

More on the new Michelin tyres in the April issue of Bike Europe.

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