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SRAM’s 12-Speed Eagle ‘Has Landed’

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CHICAGO, USA – As proclaimed 1x drivetrain specialist, SRAM is introducing an all-new 12-speed groupset, the Eagle. SRAM points out a list of new technologies included in the groupset, but the main feature is the 12-speed cassette presented as a fine example of German engineering.

SRAM’s 12-Speed Eagle ‘Has Landed’
The main feature of the XX1 and the XO1 Eagle is the 12-speed cassette. – Photo SRAM

SRAM launched in 2012 the first purpose built 1x drivetrain which changed the way people look at MTBs. Gone was the front derailleur, which immediately improved shifting simplicity and performance. It made shifting easier and consistently better for all riders.

The new Eagle comes in two versions, the XX1 and the XO1. According to SRAM, “all its components have been engineered for a whole new groupset, to provide a smoother, simpler, more durable and quieter ride.”

500% gear range

The XX1 Eagle has been optimized for cross-country riding and the X01 Eagle for enduro and trail. Both include SRAM’s newest generation of the 1x drivetrain technological advancements with lightweight materials. It features a 500-percent gear range. The centre piece is of course the new X-DOME Eagle cassette. This 12-speed, 10- to 50-tooth cassette offers an optimal 500-percent gear range at “a considerably lighter weight than 2x systems” says the component manufacturer in its press release.

Stiff and energy-efficient crankset

The completely re-engineered crankset features a special hollow internal architecture. SRAM combined it with its proprietary Carbon-Tuned lay-up what results in a stiff and energy-efficient crankset. The longer, positive-rake tooth shape of the chainring has been designed to work perfectly with the new Eagle chain to increase chain retention and overall pedalling efficiency, while decreasing friction, noise and wear. Also the rear derailleur has been redesigned to meet the greater capacity. Therefore the lower pulley has been increased to 14-teeth. Also the Cage Lock has been moved back and out of the way, protecting it from trail debris.

On the market

The XX1 Eagle has a recommend retail price of 1,524 euro and weights excluding the BB 1,456 grams. The XO1 Eagle will retail for 1,306 euro. The total weight of this groupset excluding the BB is 1,502 grams. Both groupset will be available next June.


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