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Bopworx Bicycle Protection Accessories

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ENNISKILLEN, Ireland – How to protect bicycles from being damaged while transporting them on the back of a car? Over the past few years architect Paul McGriskin developed and tested a full range of products to protect bicycles while they are in transit via automobile, plane or while in storage.

Bopworx Bicycle Protection Accessories
The Bopworx avoids damaged from bike to bike contact or from other objects. – Photo Bopworx

Paul McGriskin explains that, “whether transporting a bike on a car rack, in a car, in a bike box/bag or simply during storage, expensive and fragile bicycles constantly get damaged from bike to bike contact or from other objects. Each of the high quality Bopworx products are easy to use, tool free and very durable plus they are compatible with most forms of bikes.”


The Bopworx comes in four versions: the Bop Bumper has been developed to create space between a bicycle frame and another object from impacting on each other during transportation and storage. The Double Bumper is for travelling with multiple bikes on a bike rack or in a bike bag/box. The Fork Guard is for the protection of the fork dropouts and blades while the Rear Derailleur Guard has been designed to protect the rear derailleur and hanger.

Having shipped the first orders to distributors in the UK and Australia, Bopworx are now focusing on launching their products into the European market.

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