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Brose Expands with New Motor into Speed E-Bikes

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BERLIN, Germany – German e-bike components and automotive industry supplier Brose is expanding into the speed pedelec category. The company that for its e-bike business is operating under the Brose Antriebstechnik GmbH & Co. KG name, is launching a 45 km/h motor for the fast-growing speed e-bike segment.

Brose Expands with New Motor into Speed E-Bikes
Brose’s new 45km/h motor offers, like the existing 25 km/h drive system, outstanding frame-integration possibilities. – Photo Brose Antriebstechnik

After the successful market introduction of a Made in Germany 25 km/h – 250W motor in 2015 the company has developed a 45 km/h motor. According to Brose production already started and the first motors left the Berlin facility and are to be fitted on MY 2016 speed e-bikes of various bike brands.

Frame-integration possibilities

Brose’s new 45 km/h motor offers a starting aid mode up to 20 km/h. There’s also a push aid function up to 6 km/h. Like the existing 25 km/h drive system the new and more powerful motor offers outstanding frame-integration possibilities thanks to its small dimensions. According to Brose such frame-integration offers ‘aesthetic appeal’ which the company regards as, “essential for the design of the next generation e-bikes.”

Moreover, the new motor is one of the quietest mid motors on the market, underlines Brose.

GM of Brose Antriebstechnik, Christoph Bantle, notes further that the new fast motor is, like the 25 km/h version, not only Made in Berlin, Germany but also, “developed and produced on principles and guidelines of the automotive industry.”

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