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E-Bike Gains Ground in Stabilizing French Bicycle Market

Sales & Trends

PARIS, France – Bicycle sales in France did not show much progress in 2015. Sales increased only by 0.5% to a total of 2,996,000 bikes. This followed on an exceptional good 2014 during which bicycle sales upped by 7%. This is noted by French industry organizations Univelo and FPS in their 2015 report that also points to e-bike sales breaking the 100,000 units mark.

E-Bike Gains Ground in Stabilizing French Bicycle Market
Sale of electric bicycles continues to rise in France. In 2015 with close to 32%. – Photo Bike Europe

Despite the stable number of new bikes sold total turnover made with bicycle sales as well as P&A reached a record level in 2015. Turnover made with bike sales reached 961 million euro which is 4.5% more compared to the 2014 turnover. And the highest since the establishment of the French Bicycle Observatory in 1999. The turnover of Part & Accessory market increased also by 4.5% to 728.9 million euro, a record as well. This increase is caused by the fact that the euro depreciated against the US dollar in 2015 which brought about price increases of about the same percentages. The total French bicycle and P&A market turnover reached 1.7 billion euro in 2015.

New record for e-bike sales

Sale of electric bicycles continues to rise in France. In 2015 with close to 32% or one third. However, these big numbers are caused by the fact that the total volume of the e-bike market in France still is small. It stood in 2014 at 77.500 units; with the 32% rise in 2015 total sales came in at 102,000 e-bikes. Looking at a total bicycle sales volume of close to 3 million units, the share of electric bikes stood in 2015 at only 3.4%.

Sales by categories

Mountainbikes remained also in 2015 the biggest category in France. With sales totaling 863,000 units the MTB market share rose somewhat from 28.5 to 28.8%. Other categories performed at about the same levels as in 2015; only road bikes saw with 3.2% a slight increase in sales.

The euro depreciation against the US dollar in 2015 causes the average value of a sold bicycle in France to rise from € 307 in 2014 to € 321 in 2015.

Distribution channels

Also in 2015 sport retail chains like Decathlon and GoSport  remained the biggest distribution network for bicycles in terms of volume. They gained a 2% increase in market share to 53%.

Supermarkets continue to lose ground in France. They saw their turnover with the sale of new bikes drop by 5.5% and 8.5% for P&A sales. IBDs increased their turnovers by 4.1% and hold a 51% market share in value. They are by far the biggest e-bike sellers with a 75% market share. Webshops are nowadays one of the biggest channels for P&A sales in France with a market share of 26.5% (+9% in 2015).

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