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Selle Italia Introduces New Saddle Brand

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CASSELLA D’ASOLO, Italy – To celebrate the founding of Selle Italia 120 years ago, the Italian saddle manufacturer launched an all ‘new’ brand. Referring to its long time history, the company re-introduces its old name Sella Italia to present a line of leather saddles.

Selle Italia Introduces New Saddle Brand
A new line of leather products with the brand name Sella Italia. – Bike Europe

Yesterday, at the Sella Italia leather line introduction, three models were launched; a saddle for race, for race/trekking and for trekking. “These three will be available this summer. More models will be presented next year, together with a line of accessories like bags and grips,” said Selle Italia Product Director Piet van der Velde.


“To distinguish the Selle Italia products from leather saddles currently on the market we have developed a new pin to rivet the leather differently and to prevent the leather from cracking,” explained Van der Velde. “A sandwich of leather layers should avoid overstretching it.”

All Sella Italia leather parts and the saddles are made in Italy.

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