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SRAM Launched E-MTB Dedicated Group Set

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CHICAGO, USA – SRAM did more than a surprising move with the EX1, the question is if they created a group set that will spark a similar revolution like ‘1x’ system did. The EX1 is a 1×8 group and comes with completely new cassette and chain ring specifications. The EX1 will be available in September.

SRAM Launched E-MTB Dedicated Group Set
According to SRAM, “the EX1 is the first and until further notice only specific E-MTB group.” – Photo SRAM

The reason for new system is obvious and its development was initiated by the growth of the market for e-MTBs. According to SRAM, “the EX1 is the first and until further notice only specific e-MTB group.” Marcus Schneider, SRAM’s product manager e-bike components explains why, “All drivetrain systems were developed for human powered bicycles. That is why the stages between the gears had to be small. The E-MTB doesn’t have that limitation so we increased these stages up to 30% for the EX1.

Shifting under very high torque

The 8-speed and 11-48T cassette is narrower than the traditional 10 and 11-speed cassettes and it comes with a new, slightly wider and stronger chain. As Marcus Schneider explains, it also has new shape, “Our customers asked for a stronger chain as existing chains were snapping under big loads. We found a solution in small design changes on the inner plates that also enable smoother shifting. With e-MTBs shifting is done under very high torque and low pedalling cadence, completely opposite as with traditional bikes. The EX1 chain even allows for a gear change when fully loaded.

E-Block cassette

The E-Block cassette is made of hardened steel and comes in combination with the EX1 X-Horizon rear derailleur, similar to XX1/X01 series. The stronger cage has been redesigned to work perfectly with the 48-tooth cog. The Trigger shifter allows for only one shift at the time. SRAM believes there is no need for multi-shift on e-MTB and single shift also helps to control the loads and wear.

Compatible with Bosch, Brose and Yamaha

The multiple X-Sync chain rings are available for the new aluminium EX1 crank and compatible with Bosch, Brose and Yamaha BB interfaces. It features 14T, 16T and 18T options for Bosch motors and a 34T option for Brose motors. The SRAM’s Schweinfurt R&D department worked closely together with motor manufacturers.

New powerful brakes

The Guide RE is a new E-MTB specific brake is made of known parts and components, the Guide R lever and 4-piston Code calliper. The Code is a popular option among gravity riders and in combination with the 200 mm rotors it will provide sufficient braking power for E-MTBs.

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