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Taiwan Carbon Component Maker Velocite Starts in Europe

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KAOHSIUNG, Taiwan – Taiwan carbon components maker Velocite is focusing on just-in-time deliveries in Europe. For presenting this service to OEMs as well as local service for the Belgian and EU markets, local technical support and training, emergency delivery capability and local spare parts availability it is opening a warehouse and inventory in Belgium.

Taiwan Carbon Component Maker Velocite Starts in Europe
Velocite is introducing under the Venn brand umbrella the first disc brake rotors with round and smooth edges. – Photo Velocite

For increasing its supply chain capabilities as well as its speed to market Velocite is joining Flanders Bike Valley in Belgium. The company developed an automated filament winding process that replaces the manual, hand layup of carbon fiber patches. Velocite is holding a launch event at Flanders Bike Valley on the 16th of June where it will present its latest products.

Venn disc brake rotors

Velocite is also introducing Venn-branded disc brake rotors focused on road disc, cyclocross and ebike applications (not MTBs). The Venn rotors have round and smooth edges. Velocite’s CEO Victor Major presented the rotor to Mark Barfield of the UCI at last March Taipei Cycle Show. UCI will now likely mandate that road disc brake rotors that follow the Velocite design.

Two models

The new Venn disc brake rotors come in two models. The main features of the low cost, OEM, open label rotor are:

  • One piece stainless steel
  • 1.85mm thick for increased brake pad clearance
  • Very smooth edges. Impossible to cut skin, or anything else
  • Available in 140mm and 160mm diameters

The other Venn disc brake rotor is a high end for OEM or AM use. Features are:

  • Advanced floating rotor; 1.75mm thick rotor for maximal brake pad clearance and limited heat transfer to hubs
  • Aluminium carrier, very smooth edges. Impossible to cut skin, or anything else
  • Available in 140mm and 160mm diameters
  • Medium cost, high value product (much lower cost than competing rotors in the same category)

2nd generation Venn filament wound rims

Velocite is also presenting Venn filament wound rims of the  2nd generation. They feature:

  • Different winding pattern that is also more uniform than before
  • Improved tyre bed shape so tubeless tyres can now be inflated by floor pump
  • 100% inspection of finished rims prior to delivery
  • Venn Rev 35 TUD tubular wheels are the official wheels of Team 3M, a UCI Pro continental team based in Belgium

The Venn range includes also brake pads for carbon rims, seatposts, carbon handlebars, bottle cages and carbon stems.



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