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Update of The Electric Bikes Worldwide Report

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NAPLES, USA – The publishers of the ‘Electric Bikes Worldwide Reports’ announced the 2016 update to the 2015 edition of EBWR, the most comprehensive report of the light electric vehicle industry. The 2016 EBWR Update identifies trends like who are the major propulsion system makers and General Motors new e-bike development.

Update of The Electric Bikes Worldwide Report
The EBWR Update gives the latest on e-bike developments including China's production statistics. – Photo EBWR

The EBWR suggests three e-bike business paradigm shifts may be underway. The first paradigm shift would be that automakers, and auto suppliers, are entering the two-wheel business with expanded technology and marketing options. The second paradigm shift says that the collision avoidance technology explosion in the four-wheel market will be adapted to e-bikes making them virtually collision free eventually. This will result e-bike sales to explode. In the third and final paradigm shift well known bike consultant Jay Townley, proposes a way for independent bike dealers to be more customer centric thus stronger, a provocative shift.

The EBWR is published by Frank Jamerson, Ph.D., Electric Battery Bicycle Company, and retired from General Motors Company together with Ed Benjamin Managing Director eCycleElectric LLC., Founder and Executive Director Light Electric Vehicle Association (LEVA).

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