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E-Bikes Reach New Record in the Netherlands

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AMSTELVEEN, the Netherlands – That 276,000 e-bikes were sold in the Netherlands in 2015 astonished many in the Dutch bike sector. It accounted for a big 24% growth compared to the 2014 total. The amazement on the potential of e-bikes continues as sales keep growing in 2016.

E-Bikes Reach New Record in the Netherlands
E-bikes remain THE winner in Holland. – Photo Gazelle

Last April the market share of e-bikes in the total bicycle sales of the Netherlands reached an all time high. 35% of all bicycles sold at IBDs were e-bikes!

E-bikes support Dutch market

The sale of electric bicycles keep supporting the Dutch market which for regular city bikes is depressed. Sales of this category dropped by 7% last April. On the other hand sale of sports bikes (Tour/Trekking, MTB and road race) continues to grow and do that with big numbers; some 14% in volume and in turnover.

But e-bikes remain a winner in Holland despite the fact that the average sales price stands at over 2,000 euro at IBDs. Sales upped 2% in volume and 4% in turnover.

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