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Gioma ‘Elettrico’ Bike Stand Will Lift Any E-bike

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CIBRONE di NIBIONNO, Italy – E-bikes are heavy. That simple fact was one of the main reasons for the creation of the Elettrico GME 100-00, Gioma’s new repair stand.

Gioma ‘Elettrico’ Bike Stand Will Lift Any E-bike
For workshops dealing with substantial volume of e-bikes: Gioma’s new repair stand. – Photo Grega Stopar

The name of this repair stand refers to the electric motor it uses to lift the bike with a simple switch. This switch is mounted in a floor pedal, so the mechanic in the workshop doesn’t have to use his hands to lift the bicycle to the desired height.

Correct position

More importantly is that heavy lifting is no longer required, which means no strain on the body. This is a more than welcome feature when working on e-bikes and similarly heavy downhill bikes, which can easily weigh over 20 kg. The stand can be even equipped with a small ramp, so the e-bike can be put in the correct position before lifting.

Mounting options

The repair stand has different mounting options, with or without wheels on the bicycle, and is compatible with all standard axles and tyres. This heavy-duty repair stand comes with a set of mount adapters. The Gioma ‘Elettrico’ is not the only stand on the market with an electric motor, but it looks like a good option for every bike workshop dealing with a substantial volume of e-bikes.

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