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Kind Shock Electronic Dropper Post

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TAINAN, Taiwan – The integration of electronics is the next phase in the development of dropper posts. Kind Shock gave an update on their latest innovations, though it is not yet ready to go to market.

Kind Shock Electronic Dropper Post
Kind Shocks aims at integrating its dropper post electronics in into other bike electronics. – Photo Bike Europe

“The response of electronic dropper posts is not yet as fast as the mechanical versions,” explains Rick Taylor of Kind Shock. “We haven’t reached the quality level we want to offer our customers. The capacity of the battery has to be improved as well as the size of the system (see photo).”

“We also want to have it integrated into other bike electronics like Shimano Di-2 and Bosch’s e-bike system. We won’t take it to the market before its performance is at least equal or better than the mechanical option.”

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