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Michelin Opens European Technology Centre

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LADOUX, France – The opening of Michelin’s new Technology Centre near the city of Clermont Ferrand marks the first stage of the company’s modernisation project. On a total revenue of € 21.2 billion, the whole Michelin group spends € 700 million annually on R&D.

Michelin Opens European Technology Centre
The brand new Michelin Technology Centre features an open structure to ‘accelerate a cross-functional and multi-disciplinary manner of working’. – Photo Bike Europe

The Michelin Power bicycle tyre range which was presented this Spring is one of the products developed at the centre in Ladoux. “I don’t have the exact figures how much the multi-national spend on R&D for bicycles tyres,” said Karl De Quick, General Manager of Michelin’s bicycle division. “But it is big enough to distinguish ourselves in the market.”

Production in Asia

The Michelin’s technological know-how comes together in the brand new Technology Centre in town of Ladoux. Although the production of bicycles tyre takes place in Asia, R&D is still mainly done in Europe.

Staggering figures

The first phase of this campus for research, development, and industrialization was opened last autumn and will be completed by 2018. Some other staggering figures: 3,400 people in France work only in R&D, with another 6,000 worldwide. The company produces 15,000 prototype tyres annually, which are ridden for 2 billion kilometres. 72% of all Michelin’s tyres are developed in the new technology centre in Ladoux. The company doesn’t want to disclose the budget on R&D for bicycle tyres.


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